Institute for Quantum Materials and Technologies


At the Institute for Quantum Materials and Technology (IQMT) we investigate novel materials where quantum correlations and strong electronic interactions lead to exotic physical properties. Prominent examples are magnetism and superconductivity.

The combination of experimental and theoretical methods at our disposal is geared towards the in-depth understanding of these systems. The full gamut of methods ranges from state-of-the-art material growth capabilities (single crystals and thin films) to transport and thermodynamic methods, x-ray diffraction, inelastic scattering of photons and neutrons, electron spectroscopies and spectromicroscopies. Investigations can further be carried out under extreme conditions (mK temperatures, magnetic fields up to 14 T, high pressure, strain...).

Advanced theoretical modelling and ab-initio simulations furthermore provide valuable insights for the preparation of the experiments and the interpretation of their results.

The experiments are carried out at the IQMT and at several instruments installed at large-scale facilities, in particular the soft x-ray analytics facility WERA External Link and the triple-axis thermal neutron spectrometer 1T External Link.