Working Group New Materials, Transport, Thermodynamics and Mesoscopics

Selected Publications


Calorimetric evidence of nodal gaps in the nematic superconductor FeSe

F. Hardy, M. He, L. Wang, Th. Wolf, P. Schweiss, M. Merz, M. Barth, P. Adelmann, R. Eder, A. A. Haghighirad, C. Meingast

Phys. Rev. B 99 (2019) 35157



Competing Electronic Phases near the Onset of Superconductivity in Hole-doped SrFe2As2

L. Wang, M. He, D. D. Scherer, F. Hardy, P. Schweiss, T. Wolf, M. Merz, B. M. Andersen, C. Meingast

J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 88 (2019) 104710



Spectral Evidence for Emergent Order in Ba1−xNaxFe2As2

M. Yi, A. Frano, D. H. Lu, Y. He, M. Wang, B. Frandsen, A. F. Kemper, Y. Rong, Q. Si, L. Wang, M. He, F. Hardy, P. Schweiss, P. Adelmann, Th. Wolf, M. Hashimoto, S.-K. Mo, Z. Hussain, M. Le Tacon, C. S. Nelson, A. E. Böhmer, D.-H. Lee, Z.-X. Shen, C. Meingast, R. J. Birgeneau

Phys. Rev. Lett. 121 (2018) 127001



Dichotomy between in-plane magnetic susceptibility and resistivity anisotropies in extremely strained BaFe2As2

M. He, L. Wang, F. Ahn, F. Hardy, Th. Wolf, P. Adelmann, J. Schmalian, I. Eremin, C. Meingast

Nat. Commun. 8 (2017) 504



Nematic susceptibility of hole- and electron-doped BaFe2As2 iron-based superconductors

A. E. Böhmer, P. Burger, F. Hardy, T. Wolf, P. Schweiss, R. Fromknecht, M. Reinecker, W. Schranz, C. Meingast

Phys. Rev. Lett. 112 (2014) 47001



Scaling between magnetic and lattice fluctuations in iron-pnictide superconductors

R. M. Fernandes, A. E. B

Phys. Rev. Lett. 111 (2013) 137001



Novel electronic nematicity in heavily hole-doped iron pnictide superconductors

K. Ishida, M. Tsujii, S. Hosoi, Y. Mizukami, S. Ishida, A. Iyo, H. Eisaki, T. Wolf, K. Grube, H. L

PNAS 117 (2020) 6424



High-field moment polarization in the itinerant ferromagnet URhSi

W. Knafo, T. D. Matsuda, F. Hardy, D. Aoki, J. Flouquet

Phys. Rev. B 100 (2019) 94421



Quantum Critical Point in the Itinerant Ferromagnet Ni1?xRhx

C.-L. Huang, A. M. Hallas, K. Grube, S. Kuntz, B. Spie

Phys. Rev. Lett. 124 (2020) 117203



Magnetic and structural quantum phase transitions in CeCu6−xAux are independent

K. Grube, L. Pintschovius, F. Weber, J.-P. Castellan, S. Zaum, S. Kuntz, P. Schweiss, O. Stockert, S. Bachus, Y. Shimura, V. Fritsch, H. v. Loehneysen

Phys. Rev. Lett. 121 (2018) 87203



Raman scattering study of lattice and magnetic excitations in CrAs

K. Sen, Y. Yao, R. Heid, A. Omoumi, F. Hardy, K. Willa, M. Merz, A. A. Haghighirad, M. Le Tacon

Phys. Rev. B 100 (2019) 104301



Josephson vortex coupled to a flux qubit

K. G. Fedorov, A. V. Shcherbakova, R. Sch

Appl. Phys. Lett. 102 (2013) 132602



Thermally activated conductance in arrays of small Josephson junctions

J. Zimmer, N. Vogt, A. Fiebig, S. V. Syzranov, A. Lukashenko, R. Sch

Phys. Rev. B 88 (2013) 144506



Aluminum Hard Mask Technique for the Fabrication of High Quality Submicron Nb/Al-AlOx/Nb Josephson Junctions

Ch. Kaiser, J. M. Meckbach, K. S. Ilin, J. Lisenfeld, R. Sch

Supercond. Sci. Technol. 24 (2011) 35005



Suppression of superconductivity and enhanced critical field anisotropy in thin flakes of FeSe

L. Farrar, M. Bristow, A. A. Haghighirad, A. McCollam, S. J. Bending, A. I. Coldea

npj Quantum Mater. 5 (2020) 29



Quenched nematic criticality separating two superconducting domes in an iron-based superconductor under pressure

P. Reiss, D. Graf, A. A. Haghighirad, W. Knafo, L. Drigo, M. Bristow, A. J. Schofield, A. I. Coldea

Nat. Phys. (2019) 41567



Perovskite Solar Cells: Record Open-Circuit Voltage Wide-Bandgap Perovskite Solar Cells Utilizing 2D/3D Perovskite Heterostructure

S. Gharibzadeh, B. Abdollahi Nejand, M. Jakoby, T. Abzieher, D. Hauschild, S. Moghadamzadeh, J. A. Schwenzer, P. Brenner, R. Schmager, A. A. Haghighirad, L. Weinhardt, U. Lemmer, B. S. Richards, I. A. Howard, U. W. Paetzold

Adv. Energy Mater. 9 (2019) 1970079



Band hybridisation at the semimetal-semiconductor transition of Ta2NiSe5 enabled by mirror-symmetry breaking

M. D. Watson, I. Markovic, E. A. Morales, P. Le Fevre, M. Merz, A. A. Haghighirad, P. D. C. King

Phys. Rev. Research 2 (2020) 13236



Flux Separation Methods for Flux-Grown Single Crystals

Th. Wolf

Philos. Mag. 92 (2012) 2458