Working Group Theory of Competing States of Matter

Head: Prof. Dr. Markus Garst

In our working group we investigate collective phenomena in quantum materials. The interplay of different degrees of freedom of electronic nature such as spin, charge and orbital as well as those of the crystal lattice may lead to macroscopic quantum phenomena leading to extraordinary electronic, magnetic and mechanic materials properties. Our theoretical investigations aim at explaining and predicting experimental results.

f - h:   Schematic illustration of excitation modes on skyrmion strings [1].
The central part represents the local oscillation manner of skyrmion at the z = 0 plane.
The upper and lower parts are the snapshot images describing how the spin excitation launched at z = 0 propagates on the skyrmion strings, along the ±z direction parallel and antiparallel to H, respectively. The cross-sectional images describing the size and position of skyrmion at selected z-planes (shown by red layers) are also indicated.


Selected Publications

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